Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - Behind the Scenes

I don’t really know what kind of girl I am.

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"Generally, I play the guy where it’s a bit like: ‘Yeah, he’s not unattractive, but it’s not his looks that make the lead girl want to be with him, so much’. That’s the way I always feel in my head. I feel like I get away with more than what I was given".

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This is monsters and magic and nothing we were ever trained for.

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"The most important keyword to me was ‘train’ and the structure of the narrative reflects that. It’s simple: Curtis travels from the very last section of the train to the front. So the different carriages represent different stages in the story – every time you enter a new car, it’s like a new world that the characters are experiencing." 

– Joon-ho Bong on the design of the train cars.

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This is a family photo; and you cannot tell me otherwise.

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I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves

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Sometimes the best way to deal with disappointment in one arena, is to accomplish something else.

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